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Rules of SFP

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Rules of SFP

Post by Graphite on Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:44 pm

Website Rules

  • Please try to stay active! This is very important! We ask that you average 7 posts a week on the Pack Rp boards. That's one post a day! We understand that you may not always get to post every day for some reason or another, but an average of 7 a week.
  • No Spamming. (Spam stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages.)

RolePlay Rules

  • Keep cussing PG-13. Since our age is 14+, we do allow minor cussing. You know, words you could hear in a PG-13 movie. But that also mean no heavy quantity cuss words in a single post. You can use your judgment on this one.
  • No detailed mating or birth scenes. Just time skip or fade to black. That seems pretty reasonable.
  • Killing other characters off is okay as long as it is okay with the other person and the top dogs of the pack.
  • No text talk. We're all old enough to move on from that life.

Pack Rules

  • Listen to higher ranks than you.
  • Respect all pack members as seen fit.
  • We hunt as a pack. Never alone.


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